The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

Michael Nevermind

JB BERNS is a former fitness celebrity trainer, the inventor of Urban Rebounder, author of "Do It or Age Quickly" and was named Fitness Magazine's TOP 10 PERSONAL TRAINERS!

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Rehab Your Body at Home

Allows you to strengthen and rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain without drugs, and work at your own pace. Safe for all ages. 7 restorative workouts with both an A and B stage. Back, shoulder, hip and knee, ankle foot, hand and elbow, abdominal, and flexibility workouts.

Beginner + Intermediate.

Dance Workouts

Deante Dance: Lengthening Lunges DVD will strengthen your lower body through a series of deep lunges, squats and descents to help you attain the dancer s legs you ve always wanted. The second workout on the DVD, Floor Work, will lengthen your legs and strengthen your core with a series of leg extensions and stretches that will create the long lean limbs you ve always desired.

Exercise Your Blood Type

For the first time, you’ll be using the exact exercises that were designed for your body, so they’ll feel good, and you’ll get immediate results.

The Isometric Total Body Workout

The complete isometric workout DVD workouts use no gimmicks or props just your own body's resistance that will tone and sculpt the entire body. Never before on DVD, isometric exercises broken down for each body part on separate workouts. Each workout is 20 minutes long. Your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, abdominal separate workouts.

Beginner + Intermediate.

Martial Arts Workouts

Series of exercises that have their lineage from the martial arts system created by Chojun Miyagi called Goju Ryu Kara-te. Although originally designed for martial purposes their very movements can help promote a stronger body and mind. The exercises will strengthen participants balance and coordination, along with one s focus and discipline, and most of all The Perfect Martial Arts Workout is a series of time-tested exercises that are fun and can be performed everyday.

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  • Martial Arts Workout - Michael Nevermind

    1 video

    This martial arts workout is made up of a series of time-tested exercises developed over 300 years ago and have not changed since then. They are fun and can be performed everyday. Strengthen your balance and coordination abilities as well as focus and discipline.

  • ​Cardio Karate - Cardio Circuits ​

    1 video

    ​Cardio Karate - Cardio Circuits ​feature large martial movements with a wide range of motion for maximum cardio effect on the body. There are 4 different pods of martial arts moves that are non stop throughout the workout. The pods are then combined together at the end of the workout for an extr...

  • Cardio Karate - Extreme Martial Conditioning 1

    1 video

    Cardio Karate - Extreme Martial Conditioning 1 is an intense full-body circuit style training session. The circuits are made up of four dynamic moves that always starts with a pull-up and ends with a minute of an active Karate stance recovery period. Most of the exercises are derived from Karat...

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