• The Taoist - Internal Revitalization Exercises

    Created by ancient Taoist sages through careful research and application of the physical laws of nature and the natural principles of healing. The conformity to these physical laws, the same laws that control the human body, contains the special power to help the diseased body parts back to its n...

  • Martial Arts Workout - Michael Nevermind

    This martial arts workout is made up of a series of time-tested exercises developed over 300 years ago and have not changed since then. They are fun and can be performed everyday. Strengthen your balance and coordination abilities as well as focus and discipline.

  • The Perfect Martial Arts Workout - JB Berns

    JB Berns' Perfect Martial Arts Workout video is a series of exercises that have their lineage from the martial arts system created by Chojun Miyagi called Goju Ryu Kara-te. Although originally designed for martial purposes, their very movements can help promote a stronger body and mind.