• Deante Dance - Dance Sculpt

    Deante Dance - Dance Sculpt will tone your arms, legs, and back with this easy to follow dance workout. This will have you dancing and sculpting at the same time.

  • Deante Dance - Percussive Jam

    Deante Dance - Percussive Jam will transform your living room into a stage with this upbeat, percussive jam, which includes fast paced and sharp choreography that will leave you ready for an encore.

  • Deante Dance - Hottie Body

    Deante Dance - Hottie Body is an easy to follow dance lesson that gives you a total body workout, while learning contemporary dance routines that will leave you feeling revived and energized.

  • Deante Dance - Lengthening Lunges

    Deante Dance - Lengthening Lunges will strengthen your lower body through a series of deep lunges, squats, and descents. Attain the dancer’s legs you’ve always wanted.

  • Deante Dance - Floor Work

    Lengthen your legs and strengthen your core with a series of leg extensions and stretches that will create the long lean limbs you’ve always desired.

  • Deante Dance - The Fun-Dation

    Deante Dance - The Fun-Dation will strengthen your core with this fun and easy workout that introduces a series of contractions and spirals. This routine is designed to give you a total body workout while learning an easy to follow choreography.

  • Deante Dance - Core Builder Abs

    Deante Dance - Core Builder Abs will redefine your abs with this all-in-one core builder. This workout includes a series of exercises that will strengthen and define both your lower and upper abdominals.

  • Deante Dance - 10 Core Moves

    Deante Dance - 10 Core-Centric Moves will have you moving through a series of basic core movements designed to strengthen your core and tone your limbs, within a continuous non-stop and low-impact workout.